Tips for planning your Michigan wedding | Why are wedding day timelines so important?

Tips for planning your Michigan wedding | Why are wedding day timelines so important?


So you’re planning a wedding? I know it can be super exciting and fun but it can also be a little stressful and overwhelming. With so many options to choose from and so many details to go over it can feel like your wedding will never be complete.

I’ve been around in the wedding photography industry long enough to know the ins and out’s of a wedding, but you likely don’t have much experience in this area. So I decided I’d dedicate a portion of my blog to offering tips and tricks to help your day run as smoothly as possible.  One thing  I’ve seen a lot of brides questioning is wedding day timelines and how they should run. You can see an example of one of my timelines on the experince page of my site.

I personally offer a custom wedding day timeline to all of my amazing couples. I do this because I feel my couples shouldn’t be stressing about the small details! This also ensures my couples have the complete Captured Couture experince.

Wedding day timelines allows the couple to see how their day will unfold. It will cover things like when hair and makeup should be completed so we can start with bridal portraits or when the guys need to be dressed so we get the groomsmen photos done before the ceremony. It also dictates how much time you have for your couples photos (you know those stunning ones that you’ll blow up and hang in your home!).

Speaking of those stunning photos you’ll want to hang. Have you thought about how long you’d like to set aside for your couples photos? A unique thing I offer my brides is to break up their couples photos into 3 portions on the wedding day. I just did a video on my instagram highlight about this as well (come check it out @capturedcouturellc)

I’m sure you’re wondering WHY I break up the couples session into 3 portions.

1. Because it offers my couples diversity in their gallery. I break these up so the light is unique so each session has its own feeling.

Michigan Wedding Photographers | bride and groom dancing in graffiti alley in ann arbor

2. MORE time with your guests. I bet you’re saying “ok, Jennifer how is taking more photos going to allow me more time with my guests?!” It allows you more time with your guests because we are taking shorter breaks for photos. Most couples block an hour between the ceremony and reception a “cocktail hour”. They expect to complete all the family formals, the bridal party photos and your couples photos within that hour. While that COULD be done, its a little tight.

So I use that time to complete the first couples session. Then I schedule the next one at Sunset. Your guests will either be finishing up dinner (remember you eat first!), or they’ll be busy drinking and dancing. The third session is at the end of the night before we leave (backlit sessions are our clients fav!).

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3. Little alone time! Listen, you’re going to be running around all day chatting with amazing people but you’re going to get very little alone time with your new spouse. Taking a little pre planned break throughout the day will give you guys some much needed alone time.

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And I think most importantly a well written timeline will ensure all of your vendors are on the same page and working as a team. Trust me this is something that can make your break your wedding day.

Happy planning! Hope to see you next #weddingwednesday


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