Michigan Wedding Planning During the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 24, 2020

What this Detroit Wedding photographer is doing to help.

I’d imagine I’m not alone, and you too are getting a TON of emails right now from your bank, stores, and more all about the Coronavirus. I know right now there is a lot of uncertainty about weddings and events right now. I want to start by saying we’re gonna get through this!

That might mean the wedding season starts in August and ends in March and ya know what? That’s okay! It might mean that you have a small elopement just you, your forever person and me and that’s okay! Heck, it might mean that weekday weddings will be a thing AND THAT’S OKAY!

I’ve always told my clients no matter what happens surrounding your wedding, everything will be okay. Ya know why? Because you got married! So you have options and choices and we’re here to help! Whether you’ve already booked us and need to adjust your current contract or you’re looking at planning in 2021 and beyond we’re here.

To my current couples, I want you to know I am happy to get creative with your wedding plans and I am willing to transfer your contract including reservation fees to your new date (full contract will move to the new date, this includes the selected package).

I know this will take time to recover from but I am here if you need me.