Is it worth getting a wedding videographer? | Advice from a Michigan wedding Videographer

So you’re on the fence about hiring a videographer. Maybe you’re not sure how often you’ll watch the video or maybe you’re not sure if it’s something you REALLY need. Let’s break down the question “Is it worth getting a wedding videographer?” and see if you should hire a Michigan wedding videographer.

Is it worth getting a wedding videographer? I’m going to start this off by telling you that having a wedding videographer is a luxury item, just as having a wedding photographer is. No one NEEDS either of these but I promise you’ll be really happy you had one or both of them.

Let’s be real, your wedding day will fly by. You’ll have an amazing evening that you spent months if not years planning that’ll be gone, in what feels like the blink of an eye. I promise you will not regret having something to look back on.

Photos can capture dancing but video captures movement

When you have a big fat Greek wedding you’re bound to have some amazing dancing. While I LOVE photographing it I love seeing it in motion just a little more. Seriously, dances on your wedding video will likely be some of your favorite footage.

Photos can capture emotions but videos can capture words

Yes, we all know you cannot hear a photo. I mean we can all see this best man went way above and beyond for his Batman-loving brother but did he use a “Batman voice”? What he did say? See this photo can’t help you remember these things but a video could.

Sharing the day with those who couldn’t be there

Sometimes people who mean a lot to us cannot be with us on our wedding day. It’s a bummer, I know, but with video, you can share your day with them.

Who doesn’t want a mini-movie

Seriously, wedding videos are so different now from what they once were. Now they’re like a mini-movie all about you, who doesn’t want that?!

So now that we’ve covered why you might want a videographer let’s talk about the types of videos

Wedding videos are a little different than wedding photos in the sense that you can edit a wedding video in many different ways. With our packages, we include a highlight video and a feature film. You can also add on a full ceremony video, full speeches, and full dances.

A highlight video is a short (usually less than a min) video that is great to share on social media. This will also serve as your sneak peek video.

A feature film is more of a motion picture trailer or a short film. These are usually between 7 minutes and 15 minutes depending on which package you book, how many videographers we have, and the way your day unfolds.  This shows off all of the important moments of your day. It will include some getting-ready elements, parts of your ceremony including your vows, wedding party footage along with footage of the two of you all romantic and cute, and reception highlights like speeches, cake cutting, and dances.

If you’d like a more complete video of those big moments (like your ceremony or dances) you can add those on. When we create a full ceremony, full dances or full speeches film we use a couple of cameras to get different angles and edit them together to create a complete film from this portion of the day.

So is a wedding videographer worth it? We think so! If you’re interested in learning more about our wedding videography services check them out here

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