Detroit Wedding Photographers | Best ways to communicate with your vendors

Detroit Wedding Photographers | Best ways to communicate with your vendors


Happy Wednesday!

Welcome to another Wedding Wednesday. For our wedding wednesdays we like to chat about how to make your wedding day run smoother. We share tips and tricks to help with things from planning all the way through the album ordering process. I hope you’ll find these tips helpful and as always if you have suggestions for our next segment please comment below!

This week I want to touch on something that seems to have been a trend in the wedding world. Ghosting your vendors! Yes, I’m sure you know all about the term ghosting as its become a pretty big deal in the dating world (or so I’ve been told).

So how does this relate to your wedding vendors?  The way I’ve seen this unfold is a potential client sends a super sweet, very interested email. The vendor responds quickly, efficiently and with lots of info. Then the bride disappears!

What’s going on here?! Are you not getting the emails? Did you go another direction? Was the cost more than you expected? Did you fall off the face of the Earth? So many questions are left for your vendor to figure out. And let me tell you, as vendor this SUCKS! You’re left guessing from a plethora of possibilities but are often left without an answer.

So I wanted to hit on this subject to see if I could help offer some advice about the best ways to effectively communicate with your vendors (or vendors to be).

No, I will not ask you to send a card that is so sweet it’ll make us cry. We reserve that for sweet husbands to be <3

1. Once you’ve reached out be sure to let them know the best way to communicate with you.  Sounds simple right? But you’d be surprised at how many people don’t like to get on the phone to talk. Or how many people just don’t check their email often. So, if you’d like your vendor to call you say so! If you’d like to get a text from them tell them, “hey, could you please text me xxx info”.

2. If you realize they are not a good fit let them know. We work hard to ensure we click with our clients, so we can offer the best possible service. We’ll be upfront if we don’t click for one reason or another, don’t even feel about telling a vendor “We’ve decided to go another direction”. You don’t have to go into a long detailed response as to why but it’s common courtesy to let them know you’re no long interested.

3. Price! I know that budgets range in a HUGE way. Most wedding vendors have at least their starting price on their website, I personally advise you take a peek around to see if you can find that before inquiring. If you cannot find it or the vendor doesn’t give all the info you’d like reach out and inquire BUT if you get an email back and find they are out of budget ; Please don’t fall off the face of the earth. Just a simple “Thank you for your time but you’re out of our budget” is so greatly appreciated.


I hope this was helpful to you. I know what I’ve touched on above sounds so simple but you’d be surprised at how many vendors share these same stories day after day. Please remember that this our job so we want to ensure you’re taken care of and we want the best for you. Please provide us with the same respect and a simple response.

Until next Wed, Happy planning!  Hope to see you next #weddingwednesday



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