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A Stunning fall Pine Knob Carriage House Wedding

When I think about Meagan and Dillon’s Fall wedding at Pine Knob Carriage house I am filled with so much joy. I love that I can be taken back to moments like their exit where Dillon kissed Meagan’s hand or the amazing sunset we had later in the evening. This wedding is a shining example of why we center our business around weddings and couples. Also why Pine Knob Mansion and Carriage house is one of our favorite Michigan wedding venues.


Meagan wanted an amazing space to have a chill laid-back morning, I suggested the Royal Park Hotel for its large suites and wonderful views. The girls were tucked away in a quiet suite while Meagan’s mom did her hair. The rest of her girls quietly did their hair and makeup while sipping mimosas. This was the most chill wedding morning I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

The groom and his guys had other plans for their morning. They were HYPE sipping some good whiskey and having a great time celebrating their guy Dillon! They had some cocktails and enjoyed fun stories and lots of loud music.

Meagan and Dillon’s first look at the Royal Park Hotel was stunning.

I love this space because of the reflective floors and chic setup. It’s also pretty private back here so you don’t have to worry about a ton of guests walking in your photos. One thing I adore about doing a first look on your wedding day is you’ll usually have time during your cocktail hr to greet your guests. This takes off the pressure of having to go table to table during the reception.

We were lucky enough to have great weather which allowed us to get multiple, amazing photo locations that day! I know the area near the Royal Park hotel well so I knew where I wanted to focus our time. I did keep in mind which places I wanted to use at Pine Knob for their wedding photos as well. This allowed us to create a stunning diverse gallery.

The ceremony space at Pine Knob Carriage house is a wonderful outdoor space that is spectacular with a cool fall breeze

Pine Knob Mansion and Pine Knob Carriage house both offer spectacular outdoor ceremony spaces. Meagan and Dillon had their ceremony outside at Pine Knob’s Carriage house. Their guests were able to enjoy their thoughtful ceremony while surrounded by the beauty of the manicured golf course greens.

Sunset photos are always my favorite part of a wedding day

We didn’t anticipate the need for sunset photos BUT when we saw the way the sun was pouring over the Pine Knob Carriage house grounds I knew we had to grab Meagan and Dillon! Just look at how stunning these images are. I mean how could we not pause and make use of this?!

The Reception space at Pine Knob Carriage house is a great place to party!

I always tell couples once we get here we’ve made it! All of the “must-do” things are checked off our list and they can kick back relax and enjoy all their work. Meagan and Dillon did just that, they ate, drank, and enjoyed every second of their celebration surrounded by their amazing friends and family.

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