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A Pop Punk Wedding at The Masonic Temple Detroit, Michigan | Brandon and Melissa’s Day

Detroit Mosh Pit Meets Happily Ever After: Melissa & Brandon’s Masonic Temple Wedding

Forget doves and lace, this wedding was all about slam dancing and safety pins. Melissa and Brandon, a couple with hearts as loud as their mosh pits, tied the knot in a pop-punk extravaganza at Detroit’s historic Masonic Temple. Think vibes like ripped tights instead of veils, Doc Martens pounding the aisle instead of a wedding march, and enough eyeliner to make even Gerard Way jealous.

A Venue Fit for Rock Royalty The Masonic Temple, with its Gothic Revival architecture and secret society vibes, was the perfect setting for this unconventional ceremony. Stepping into the grand hall is like stepping back in time with towering columns draped in crimson and twinkling chandeliers casting an ethereal glow.

Melissa walked down the aisle in a show-stopping gown that wouldn’t look out of place on Avril Lavigne herself. Brandon, channeled his inner Sid Vicious, a custom red suit, alternative tie, and suit lining with gentle nods to his punk roots. The guests? A kaleidoscope of mohawks, plaid shirts, and combat boots, proving that pop-punk is alive and kicking.

A Ceremony to Rock Your Soul

The ceremony was a bit more traditional. Officiated by Melissa’s uncle who provided a warm thoughtful ceremony full of history about the couple. Forget boring readings, these two said vows that would bring the most hardcore rocker to tears. Sharing about their adventures from Michelin Star-rated restaurant dates to days when they were in punk bands just getting by. They truly have lived many lives and all of them together.

Let the Moshing Commence! Okay not really but the dance floor was never empty.

And then, the party exploded. The dance floor transformed into a mini Warped Tour, with guests skanking to Green Day, belting out My Chemical Romance, and pogo-ing to Paramore. The DJ booth? A repurposed guitar case, spinning vinyl like a sonic time capsule. Even the cake wasn’t safe, adorned with black fondant and their pup with a cigar. This wasn’t your average wedding reception; it was a glorious celebration of love, rebellion, and the power of a good power chord.

Happily Ever at Detroit’s Masonic Temple

As the night ended, with sweat-drenched smiles and ringing ears, Melissa and Brandon emerged from the dancefloor, hand in hand, hearts full of punk rock bliss. Their wedding wasn’t just a ceremony; it was a middle finger to conformity, a love letter to individuality, and a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most beautiful love stories are soundtracked by head-banging anthems.

So, if you’re looking for wedding inspiration that’s anything but ordinary, take a cue from Melissa and Brandon. Ditch the stuffy traditions, crank up the guitars, and let your freak flag fly. Because true love, like a killer power chord, is loud, electrifying, and unforgettable.

Now go forth and mosh happily ever after!

P.S. If you’re planning your own pop-punk wedding, here are some tips inspired by Melissa and Brandon’s bash:

  • Venue: Choose a space that reflects your rebellious spirit. Think abandoned warehouses, Historic concert venues like The Masonic Temple, or even your local skate park.
  • Fashion: Ditch the dress code and embrace your inner punk. Ripped jeans, band tees, and Doc Martens are always welcome.
  • Music: Crank up the pop-punk tunes! From classic anthems to modern bangers, let the music set the mosh-pit mood.
  • Décor: Think outside the box. Take cue from Melissa and Brandon and use records and vintage band posters are all punk-rock approved.
  • Food and drinks: Ditch the fancy hors d’oeuvres and serve up pizza, tacos, and PBR – the perfect fuel for a night of dancing.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Your wedding is a celebration of your love, so let loose and enjoy!

Rockstar vendors that made this day possible

Ceremony and Reception space- The Masonic Temple Detroit

Wedding planning and Event Styling – Caitlin Bailey of Bunny and June Events

Photo and Video – Captured Couture, LLC

Flowers and Decor – Viviano

Tattoo Booth – watchtower tattoo co

Cake – The Magic Brownie Box

DJ – Ultimate Entertainment, Inc.

Hair and Make up- gals and ghouls

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